I work at a school that is not really known for it’s football program. While we are one of the top ranked public high schools in the state of Texas, 0ur football program was so bad that in the 7 years I’ve worked here we’ve had only 2 winning seasons. Many of those were 1-2 win seasons. All that changed this year. With a new coach now in his 3rd full year, a quarterback (Derek Carr) who has a famous brother (David Carr former #1 draft pick for the Houston Texans), a running back with great numbers (Chris Lenoir 1572 yards/25 TDs), and a linebacker (Kyle Hoke) whose dad coaches the Houston Texans the Clements high school Rangers are in a position totally new to them. Going undefeated in a district that includes another state semi-final team (Hightower high school) the Rangers are now 13-0 with last weeks 31 to 27 win over Stratford Houston. That leaves 8 teams in Division II 5A: Abilene, Hebron, Pflugerville, Longview, Clements, Katy, SA Madison, and Smithson Valley. Clements will take on Katy next week in what promises to be their toughest match up yet…Good Luck Rangers!


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