Five years ago our church encouraged all the community group leaders to host Halloween block parties in their front yard. The idea was to get the church involved where the people were and not go hiding in some parking lot for a “fall festival”. As our pastor Chuck put it, “we don’t value ghosts and goblins; we value people…and candy”. It has become a great neighborhood outreach for Monique and I and our community groups. Every year around the start of October our neighbors start asking if we are going to have our block party again. I really love the opportunity it gives us to get to know our neighbors a little better (and the candy isn’t a bad perk). This year we gave out 238 hotdogs with all the fixins, 321 cold drinks, at least 100 pounds of chocolate, and 82 cans of play-doh. When people ask why we get to tell them that this is just our way of showing God’s love for them in a practical way.

The Hotdog Shack


Nothing like hotdogs, soda, candy, and….JUMPING!!!


Yes the windmill turns…



3 thoughts on “5th Annual Halloween Outreach

  1. Hey Chris,

    This brings back memories! So you and Monique have another one on the way? That’s awesome! Well, I’m off to fight my way thru downtown San Antonio traffic so have a good one!

  2. My church does a back to school outreach. We give away backpacks, school supplies and this year we are adding a clothing closet. At the event we also have games available for the kids. We have found our games to be lacking and would like to come up with some much better ideas. I was wondering if you had any games/plans that you could suggest.

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